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Reducing Stress Through Time Management

Reducing Stress through Time Management

Studies have shown that those who have poor time management skills suffer more stress, depression, and anxiety then those who manage their time wisely and work efficiently at meeting their personal and business goals.

The root of time management is order and organization. For those who have truncated order or structure in their lives, they are often running around confused, and wasting respected time. This confusion and need of completing goals leads to depression and stress.

Scientific research has now found a direct correlation between stress and a lowered Immune Profile. This means that for those whose lives are disorganized and stressful that they are actually putting their health in jeopardy.

By taking certain steps to bring order into the daily work and personal life, stress is reduced and the Immune System is strengthened, this brings about a original outlook on life, one that is characterized by health, happiness, and peace; not strife, stress, and sickness.

Some of the signs and symptoms of stress caused by a lack of time management include running around to resolve errands; constantly working to meet parlous deadlines; non stop bull's eye on work and work activities; continuously “taking” work home with you.

This will again have a detrimental precipitate on family relationships ( including spouses and children ); friends will suffer because eventually there will be no time to nurture those relationships; and work will suffer because of the lack of organization.

Not unique will this have a dissension impact on those around you, but remember, your health is at risk as well. Many people are familiar that heart attacks, high blood pressure, and strokes may all be related to too much stress. You owe it to your health to reduce stress.

Many people never make the correlation between stress and their lack of time management and never make the changes required for their health or for their quality of life. They never realize how important balance and time management is for their life.

You may have heard the saying, “They are working me to death”, and this may very well be the verity. If you are working in a disorganized and chaotic manner, your stress level is undoubtedly high. You must take the necessary steps to work in a calm system.

Some professions are naturally more “high pressure” then others. For these employees stress is probably as part of the territory. Time management for these workers is an essential if they are going to remain at their peak and keep their health as fresh.

By setting goals, a plan, and removing stress factors, you can plan a plan that will bring your life and work into assent and balance. Once your work life is in order, you will have more time for rest, relaxation, and family.

To begin your time management overhaul, you will first need to take a good leer at your life. If you are existent suffering from too surpassingly stress, wherefore you will most likely need to cut out some activities in your life.

Employers have many burdens resting upon their shoulders, and a lack of time management can lead to unnecessary stress and misfortune. Employers should look for ways to manage their time more effectively and eliminate unnecessary tasks that others can do.

If you find an area station someone else can handle the job, by all means delegate the task. This is one of the best ways to successfully manage your own time, and jewel more free time as well. Through delegation you can remove a lot of stress and tension.

Continually assess your plans and your goals. Make yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals and plan to meet them daily. Live a life of habitually assessing your goals and create the plan that will help you perform them.

Another very important fact to look at is the area of “time wasters”. What is it that is wasting your time, or distracting you from the task at hand? If you have a acquiesce work schedule and are continually rushing to meet deadlines, whence something is wrong.

Gem out what is distracting you then take steps to prevent the distraction. Is it the television, the telephone, unannounced visitors? Find out the cause of the distraction then address it. Preventing these time wasters will help you use your time wisely.

By setting goals, preventing distractions, and delegating tasks, you can begin to effectively manage your time and reduce stress. Find new ways to relax throughout your day as well. You may still work hard, but make sure qualified is plenty of downtime too.

Your health depends on your skill to manage your time wisely, whether it is your work life, personal life, or family time.




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