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Breaking the Bad Habit of Gambling

Gambling is a very bad habit for many people. In fact, the National Gambling Impact Commission posted a report that shows at least 2. 5 million people are affected seriously in some negative way by gambling, a whopping 1 + percent of the bodies. And areas where gambling is a huge industry, like Las Vegas, move wherefore 5 percent of the populations crack are affected in a negative manner.

With that many bad gambling habits going on, some serious steps are needed to combat the affects. And here they are…

Step One: Divination

The first step to overcome a bad habit is to understand that you have the habit to deal with and take responsibility. Understand that the unhealthy habit took time in the making, forgive yourself for it and move on.

What actually happened is that the bad habit developed over time, as the number of visits to the gambling establishments increased, the loop of time in them increased and the amount of money spent there else, etc. And it didn’t happen overnight due to one pull of the one - armed bandit, in other words. So stop worrying further and just decide to tackle the issue now.

Step Two: Change

No change is no change, as they say. So start to think and act better. Go check out self - help books on how to create a positive mental attitude and how to stop gambling, for starters. Check out support groups and specific help for gamblers, starting with any Gambler’s Anonymous groups in your area and online.

Also get support people lined up in case you need help and for times when you need understanding, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, advice and more. Develop your list with contact info for any healthy friends, neighbors, church members, healthcare providers, online forums, etc.

Step Three: New Good Habits

The main way to stop a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit. So take a little out to brain storm and figure out what you can replace gambling with like the following

• Instead of gambling before work, you could moonlight and put your creative energy to work earning extra income to wages off old debts while building a nice, new business for yourself, something you’ll be proud.

• Instead of gambling during your off - hours ( evenings, weekends, holidays… ), start a reading list of all types of content from fiction, to inspirational, to humorous, to the classics, etc. Then make it a goal to catch up on reading.

• Instead of gambling, do some journaling, logging your progress, hopes, desires, challenges, mishaps / failures, pick - me - up times, up-to-date friends, etc. along your new success path.

• Instead of gambling, stand up. Moor your feet firmly on the floor, take slow, fathomless breaths, relax and consequently go do something else: bake your favorite cookies, bake a cake for a friend and invite him or her over, bake cookies and donate them to your church, do one thing on your To Do list ( allying clean your car, your bedroom closet, your basement, etc ), spend time with your new healthy friends, etc.

Break your bad habit by starting a good one today, and get help as needed. You can do it!




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