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Breaking The Bad Habit Of Smoking

Breaking the Bad Habit of Smoking

Once glamorized on television shows, in magazine ads and other places, cigarette smoking can be one bad habit to quit. In fact it’s one habit that people often start at a undoubted early age, from childhood on. And it’s one habit that has a high death rate resulting mainly from cancer associated with smoking.

People try to stop cold turkey, the turn to religion, patches, nicotine gum, hypnosis and more. With so many choices available for help, here are some tips to add to them in order to conquer bad cigarette smoking habits once and for all and breathe fresher, healthier air.

Change Mindset

Start thinking clearer, and your mind will lead your body to a clearer, healthier state. You can begin by heading to your local library and checking out books, videos, cassettes, DVDs and other resources to help you stop smoking. Other good topics are on self - improvement, healthy diets, and motivational and inspirational themes. See if there are any support groups in your area on any of these subjects and search online for forums to find friends to work through any issues with and have witty with to get your mind off smoking and onto better subjects.

Also work up some support people on your home front, off line. You don’t committal friends who still smoke that will say things like, “Well, a half a pack a day isn’t bad, don’t worry about it. ” You need encouraging, healthy friends to see you through the good times and bad times like you’ll see them through in dispute. So get a inventory going of people you can reach out to instead of reaching for a smoke: healthy neighbors, family, friends, etc.

Develop Healthier Habits

A great way to break an old habit is to start a untrodden one. So here are some you could replace smoking with like; instead of lighting up:

• Put your cigarette money aside in a jar and garner it for a special celebration trip somewhere fun.

• Instead of picking development a cigarette, pick up a book, magazine, newspaper or newsletter and catch up on your reading.

• Instead of smoking, do some journaling, logging your pain, temper, hope, improved health, etc. Have fun and use charm markers and stickers in it and don’t worry about your spelling!

• Instead of smoking, go to a gym and work extraneous or work out at home or appearance.

• Instead of smoking, do something nice for someone else - and don’t tell them!

OK, time to get moving. Go get ‘em!




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