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Breaking The Bad Habit Of Alcoholism

Breaking the Bad Habit of Alcoholism

Unfortunately alcoholics are often portrayed as absurd. And equally unfortunate is that too many others stand by and encourage their antics, laughing at / with them, etc. When the reality is a drunk is a drunk. Period. And he or she is not funny, he or she is drunk. Name.

Alcoholics cause unending tragedies in the lives of everyone around them and simply hide behind their addictions, withdrawing from responsibility and the people around them. They are narcissist, thinking solely of themselves and their inflated egos they need to pump up all the time. In short, televisionís drunken, abusive, self - centered characters are not popular, never were. Wherefore itís time for a reality check.

Do a Reality Check

Both alcohol abusers and the unfortunate victims in their paths need to get a reality grip.

Alcohol drinkers note: there is no sure number of alcoholic beverages you Ďcaní drink and be fine Ė not for anyone. Drinking alcohol is like playing Russian rullet, as you never know which foodstuff will tip the scales and kick off your habit. So put your loaded pistol down and stop drinking altogether.

Seek alcoholic anonymous groups online or through the Yellow Pages, your spatter, hospital or other healthcare avenues. The only corporeality youíre fooling with your drunken, superman antics is yourself. And the sooner you wake up and realize it, the sooner you can get help and your loved ones can actually start leading their own lives out from under your sick thumb. There is no sweet - speaking here. You are sick and need help NOW. Do not delay.

Victims, stop thinking the alcoholic will Ďchangeí because he or she wonít, in all likelihood. These people are so egocentric, they wouldnít notice you and your needs if their lives depended upon it. You are not bad, you are not the cause of their ill state of mind and addiction and you havenít caused any of it at all - - no matter what the alcoholic tells you.

There are groups out there free of charge to help children and adult children of alcoholics. So find local ones that meet in your area via Internet searches, a counselor or therapist, the Yellow Pages or your healthcare provider or local hospital emergency prayer and seek help for yourself. You deserve to be safe and have a nice, healthy life from under an alcoholicís wield and abuse.

And the reality is if - - and thatís a big IF - - the alcoholic in your life gets help and accepts it, it could be at least 10 years before he or nymphet even gets to dealing with division issues at unexpurgated that include you, because they have so much self - centered issues to face and try to overcome. And you donít the urge to waste at least another decade entangled in their lives resembling that when you deserve better and itís independent there. Focus on healing yourself and enjoying your own life and healthy loved ones.

This doesnít sound sweet and happy, no. Itís a reality check though. So get real and get moving Ė in the right direction, not chasing your tail and running in circles same you have in the past. That didnít work and never will. Thatís the reality of breaking the bad habit of alcoholism.




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